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"You became a good man. Gray."

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i've just started watching fairy tail and gruvia is one of my main ships and i was wondering if gray knew about juvia's current health condition?

Welcome to the FT and Gruvia fandom, anon! ^__^

As for if Gray knows, I really don’t think he does. I think he likely saw everyone unconscious, assumed they were in no serious danger, left things to Gajeel, and went on ahead to deal with whatever mission his dad gave him. 

In fact, I don’t even know myself anymore if Juvia has any kind of serious health issue right now. Mashima has made it look like the poisoning effect has worn off for whatever reason. So, mostly her condition is simply distraught from what she had to go through, and what she thinks she made Gray go through. 

In any case, I’m sure we’ll get some kind of resolution to all of this between them soon enough. But I’m not holding my breath for Mashima to give us a proper explanation as to why Juvia was suddenly ok, even though Laxus and the others who suffered from the same kind of poisoning are not. 

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I agree with you. People saying that Gruvia exists only because of the fans, and Mashima didn't want it need to get real. Mashima brought back Lisanna because the fans wanted it, however it didn't change Natsu and Lucy's relationship at all. So if Mashima really has no plans for something - he wouldn't be developing it.

Very good point, anon! Honestly, it’s been clear for so many arcs now which ships he had planned on developing, and especially in Gruvia’s case when their moments go all the way back to the Phantom Lord arc and Juvia’s introduction.

Mashima is absolutely kind to his fans, but he’s not going to go out of his way, and change the direction of his story just to please them. He’s obviously happy when they support a ship he wants to develop, because that means his audience is interested in a story he wants to tell. 

So, the fans are merely following in Mashima’s lead, not the other way around. And it certainly was like that for me. I didn’t ship Gruvia until Mashima gave me plenty of reasons to do so. 

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Arya “so done with everyone’s shit” Stark

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Do you ever think Juvia has moments where she gets depressed like she was before she joined Fairy Tail? Just like, moments to herself where she'll just let it all out.

Well, she’s having one of those moments right now in the manga, isn’t she, anon? But she’s currently surrounded by others, and in a dangerous situation, so it’s not the time or place to let everything out.

However, I think generally, and from what we saw in the 413 Days special particularly, that Juvia is an optimistic person now, who does her best to look on the bright side of a situation, and even when she does get down, she tries to think of a solution to her problem and her mood.

So, even when she gets upset, I don’t think she allows herself to wallow in that sadness for too long. She had 17 years of that feeling after all, so I think she tries her best to remain positive as much as possible now, because there are currently so many good things in her life that she didn’t have before, which helps her focus on those, rather than the bad.

And we’ll see how she ends up dealing with her current situation in the manga. Because, from what we’ve seen from the few moments that she has been upset since she joined FT, they have usually been on someone else’s behalf, and her worrying that she might have done something to hurt THEM. 

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i think i agree with you on the people calling juvia a stalker thing, if you go by that line of thought, gray is a pervert and natsu is a pyromaniac.

Exactly. There are a lot of things in FT that people biasedly dismiss, while getting hung up on other similarly comedic aspects. It’s all about preference IMO. Some people just dislike certain characters and relationships, and try and find some reasoning behind it, regardless of if it’s fair or logical in regards to the world the FT character’s live in, and the story Mashima is trying to tell. 

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