Stupid gruvia doodles dedicated to betinigenie

Yeah, I love the living shit out of Juvia. I love how she can go from a shy cutie to an affectionate loveable dork she is. When I first joined tumblr there was a huge amount of people who hated Juvia so I’m glad there turns out that there’s lot of Juvia lovers.

I hardly draw Gruvia anymore and that makes me sad

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Juvia’s dreams?
I don’t really know what to say about this one. Its theme is rather different from my other posts. I just hope you guys like it. :-)


Juvia’s dreams?

I don’t really know what to say about this one. Its theme is rather different from my other posts. I just hope you guys like it. :-)

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Song inspiration: Everything — Lifehouse
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overgreen10 ASKED:
came here only to send a cyber hug! you're one of my fav blogs!

Thank you so much! This is very nice! *hugs back* ^-^

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Gray’s personal data
from Monthly Fairy Tail Magazine volume 3

This issue can be purchased at CDJapan or Amazon Japan.

What you see is not an exact replica of the original pages, but a re-creation of them since the scans are difficult to clean. I have tried to keep the pages as close to the original as possible though. I won’t translate the whole magazine, but only parts that are new and/or interesting.

Please let me know if you spot any errors! I just got off the plane 5 hours ago and I’m sleepy. :(

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Author’s Note: Thank you all for your support! I hope this chapter does not disappoint. 


Seas of Change

Chapter 2: Handsome Captor

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Honestly, I got just as excited (if not more so) to see this updated as I normally do for new FT chapters lol! It certainly didn’t disappoint, to say the least. I’ll write more on FF when I leave my review. ^-^

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Artist/source: 柊之

Do not remove source.

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Gray x Juvia Essays/Analysis List 


A master post containing a collection of pro-Gruvia essays/analysis posts. Topics differ (defense against anti-arguments and Juvia, interesting facts, chapter reviews, many posts centering around Gray and Juvia’s development, etc), but all pertain to the pairing.


Main Essay
The Gray x…

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How Gray and Juvia Become More Together


So, following in the trend with RieRieBee and Squisherific, I present the third part of this Gray and Juvia trifecta: How Gray and Juvia Become More Together.

For reference, the original posts that inspired this spin off post are RieRieBee’s Things Gray has Done for Juvia and Squisherifics Things Juvia Has Done For Gray. We all know just how much each character means to the other, and how the things they do unknowingly sometimes are the most powerful—but how does this apply to them as a potential couple and how does it create the dynamic that so many Gruvians love?


There are three major developments the two of them have had together, and these changes have turned them from growing apart to growing together.  .

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So wonderful and spot on! Gray and Juvia really do complete each other at this point, and this shows exactly why they need each other, and how good they are together.

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