young Silver and baby Gray
i think silver is/was an awesome dad


young Silver and baby Gray

i think silver is/was an awesome dad

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gray didn’t want a bunch of perverts creeping on his girlfriend guild mate


gray didn’t want a bunch of perverts creeping on his girlfriend guild mate

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A lot of people say “not yet,” because there’s technically no undeniable proof for Gray’s feelings. Unfortunately, until there is, no one can say for sure. 

That being said, anon, I’m actually inclined to agree with you, and here’s my reasoning as well.

Like you said, Gray is a tsundere. Before the “rejection” happened, I was sure he already liked Juvia, or at least was attracted to her/interested in her romantically (hence the blushing, sweating, and avoiding the question when Erza called him out on his oblivious act during the GMG). 

Mashima had been hinting since before the Unison Raid that Juvia and Gray share an “unspoken bond.” So what is this bond that is unspoken? They are friends. Check. That’s not unspoken. They are guild mates. Check. That’s not unspoken. They have romantic feelings for each other… At that point, it WAS unspoken. Juvia hadn’t even confessed yet.

Mashima then followed up this tease with a “synchronized attack of LOVE,” which had both Lyon and Chelia commenting on the romantic implications on what they were doing (Lyon specifically focusing on Gray’s actions towards Juvia giving him this impression). As you said, Gray is tsun, so Mashima likes to give us insight into his feelings via other people’s observations of him. And all of these people always happen to be particularly close to, and know Gray well (Lyon, Erza, Loki, Cana, Mira). 

Plus, Gray then DIED for Juvia. Something we have been told again and again, is something you must not do in FT. You live for your friends, you do not die for them. But Gray, without thought, dove in front of Juvia, pushing her out of harm’s way, taking the blow himself. He seemed surprised by this himself. Not just because he was giving his life, but also IMO because of the urgency in which he tried to prevent Juvia’s death. He didn’t want to lose her at any cost.

Say what you will, but Mashima specifically had Gray dying for Juvia for a reason. He didn’t do it for anyone else, we saw him doing it for HER. Words are one thing, actions are another. It is a major deal for Gray to give his life in order to save Juvia’s, and it’s because she means that much to him. 

So, at that point, I was sure that Gray liked Juvia back (maybe not as strongly as Juvia loved him (but Juvia’s got quite a high bar to reach haha)), but there was a mutual romantic attraction at the very least, and certainly a very strong bond of some type of love (you don’t die for some one you just kind of like)). Therefore, I assumed that those feelings would continue to increase on Gray’s part as he continued to act the tsun, and Juvia would eventually win him over.

Then the “rejection” happen, and everything went out the window. Maybe he didn’t like her after all? Mashima even said on his twitter that the relationship is currently one-sided (with a tease of who knows what will happen between them in the future). 

However, we have since received reconfirmation that Gray is not only tsundere, but also that his rejection was pretty hollow. Is the relationship one-sided at this point? Not from what we’ve now seen in the recent chapters: His willingness to indulge her with the Gray and Juvi-bread. His need to console and comfort her, both with his words and his actions as they rode back to the guild. And his rush to protect her as Silver targeted her.

And most of all, judging by the emphasis and prominence of Juvia’s panel in Gray’s mind before he was about to attempt (or not attempt) Iced Shell, Juvia is clearly very important to him. The way he envisioned her was very endearing. She was saying his name lovingly, and it was her image in his head that made him pause. So, he has overall softened up considerably towards Juvia since the Tartarus arc started, and she has claimed a very big place in his heart.

And that’s not even taking into account the fact that Juvia made both the loss of Ur and Ultear less painful for him in her own special way. That’s an enormous influence to have over Gray who has been hurting for so long. Especially since Juvia’s act of alleviating this pain for him was completely unintentional. She literally is just being herself, and that’s enough for Gray. Imagine if he actually confided in her, and she was to actually try and comfort him?

And that brings us to the very traumatic and cruel set up in the newest chapters that is bound to give Gray another harsh loss, with Juvia being the only one involved and aware. Even Silver mistook Juvia to be “Gray’s woman,” and as others have said, he likely garnered this impression because he watched the GMG and saw Gray and Juvia’s interactions. Again, someone who knows Gray very well, was left with the impression of Gray liking Juvia ROMANTICALLY.   

In my opinion, and especially if we take the hollowness of the rejection into account, he does indeed have mutual feelings of love for her. Does he love her as much as she loves him? Again, that’s what we’re building up to. Gray has a lot of emotional baggage, as well as barriers that need to be overcome and knocked down, in order for him to be comfortable not only being honest about his feelings, but entering into this type of relationship with her. Mashima is showing us that those big blockades of ice around his heart are slowly but surely being melted away by Juvia, and he’s letting her do so. 

So, yes anon, they are not canon, but I agree that they are certainly making their way to it at a pretty steady pace, and that Gray’s feelings at this point seem to easily be more than just friendship. ^__~

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Anonymous ASKED:
heyyyyy girl! just curious you like edo! gruvia?? i reallly really love them but there always like forgotten and stuff like 0 people draw or write about them (sigh) how you think we can make more ppl like them? Any fic or artist recommendation btw? thks!

Hey there, anon!

Yes, I do like Edo Gruvia! I don’t like it nearly as much as Eartland Gruvia, but I’m amused by the role reversal, and I always like a badass Juvia hee! ^-^

I’m not sure how we can make more people like them, since it’s probably hard to drum up too much attention when we haven’t heard or seen anything about them in the manga for ages. And the Earthland Gruvia moments are so overwhelming, so naturally fans would tend to gravitate towards them instead lol.

I have seen a few really cute EdoGruvia arts. though. In fact, I just reblogged one today, but my favorite Edo Gruvia art is by Arya (who draws amazing Gruvia art in general):


As for fics, I’m sorry, but I don’t read that much fanfiction in general, and I’ve never read any EdoGruvia fiction. I’m sure it’s out there, though, since it’d be fun playing with a tsun Juvia and a lovestruck Gray hee! ^-^

Anyway, I hope that was at least a little helpful. ^^;

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"  It’s not raining anymore , you happy now Juvia ? "

Kid!Gruvia dedicated to forgottenwhispersxo , thanks for being so nice and all ~


"  It’s not raining anymore , you happy now Juvia ? "

Kid!Gruvia dedicated to forgottenwhispersxo , thanks for being so nice and all ~

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frosthsea ASKED:
Hi :) have you seen in the last episode how Chelia was chatting with Juvia? I mean at the beginning when they met Chelia seemed to treat Juvia like an annoying love rival while now she seems confortable with her.. I think that after the Unison raid Chelia undestands that Juvia belongs with Gray and stops to consider her a rival for Lyon heart!!! Antigruvians said that we overthink about thinks and maybe is true but i think that Mashima likes to disseminate smalls things for fans to discover!

I completely agree, and I think this is exactly what Mashima was showing us with this scene. ^^ I think Chelia realized for certain during the Unison Raid that Juvia and Gray are an ‘item” (or at least she started shipping it, as we do lol) and/or that Juvia’s words were true when she said her heart only belonged to Gray.

Before that, I think Chelia had “Juvia syndrome” where she assumed Juvia was using her “feminine wiles” to bewitch Lyon haha! But that was the joke. Juvia essentially got a taste of her own medicine (being pursued by Lyon and being considered a love rival, when she actually wasn’t) during the GMG arc, and that’s why it’s funny hee! ^-^ 

But, yeah, I think that it’s safe to say Chelia and Juvia can be considered friends at this point. Also, maybe Juvia just has the overwhelming power to befriend initially antagonistic pink-haired girls (ala Meredy haha).^^

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More Thoughts on Silver 


I know some people want Silver to stick around after the current arc. I can sympathize - it’d be a lot of fun for him to stay, teasing Gray about Juvia and such. But I really don’t think it’s going to happen. Silver is already dead. He’s basically a sort of revenant at this point. For him to be…

Yeah, I agree, and think this is all unfortunately true. If he wasn’t a corpse, I’d say there was a very good chance for him to stick around. but in this state? It is really unlikely. So much angst. Papa Silver will be sorely missed. 

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