At the end of the day there is this optimistic theory:

Next chapter officialy comes out on 10th September and it’s Gruvia day in Japan that day, since Mashima acknowledged Nalu’s day there’s a chance for Gruvia day and maybe just maybe to honour it he will give us their much awaited reunion… or he might just troll us as always~

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I just think it’s hilarious that when I type “Gray-sama” into google and press the space bar the words “was inside of Juvia” show up to complete the sentence. ^-^

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Chapter 398 Analysis 


Okay, time for me to really share how I felt about this chapter: I, yet again, have some pretty unpopular opinions, but nothing bad.



Gray appearing was one of my theories (I was leaning more toward the “everyone-is-magically-better-and-Natsu-fights” but I hadn’t ruled out Gray…

No worries! As you said, I’ve been disappointed LOADS of times haha. So, I’m not begrudging you your disappointed. Like I said, it’s totally warranted, and I understand it. I think I’ve just become numb to it after so much disappointment recently as far as Juvia and Gruvia expectations go. Hell, I’ve been playing the “disappointed in Juvia moments” game since the GMG arc! I just want more for Juvia, but Mashima thinks of her differently than we do, and we have to accept that. It’s never going to be fair in our eyes, because for Mashima she is first and foremost a way to lighten up the manga, both romance-wise and comedically. 

I wish Gray knew what Juvia did for him in Tenroujima, but instead we got what you said, with fangirly Juvia chasing after Meredy and Zeref because Gray told her to, and then asking to be spanked once she showed up again. Then when Gray died for her in the GMG, instead of Juvia flipping out, we get practically no reaction, and then a complete reversal of events, and the arc ended in a comedic love confession and a rejection. And now this. 

However, and again, I still say something big is going to happen, and yeah, maybe it wont live up to our wants and expectations, but I also think it will serve to progress the pairing along in a positive way no matter what. The thing is, we also have to look at it another way, too, and the fact is, Mashima is not going to make gruvia canon any time soon. So, there’s only so far Gray and Juvia can be pushed, without ruining the tension, or making it absurd for them to still not be together. Therefore, Mashima may be withholding information from Gray on purpose.

 I’ve said this previously, too, but most of what we see Juvia go through on Gray’s behalf is for us the audience, rather than for Gray. Mashima is trying to show US how good she is for him. And once some of this finally hits Gray, too, he’ll be pushed so far over the edge, he’ll never come back from loving all over this girl lol! ^-^

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Belated Thought on Chapter 398

Everyone has pretty much already said everything I wanted to say, so I’ll try to be brief (yeah right lol). 

Things that I was not surprised about:

- Face still being in effect and the Chairman being controlled by some other means.

- This part of the arc being about Erza.

- Erza and Kyouka’s rematch.

- Gray taking away Natsu’s fight by kicking Tempesta’s ass 

Things that I was surprised by:

- Gray showing up in THIS chapter to kick Tempesta’s ass (it was glorious I tell ya, and I got so excited when I saw him with his ice bow and arrow ohohoho!)

- Gray’s funky new demon vision analyzer stuff he has going on. I’m loving all over that ability. Also, he freaking FROZE Tornadoes! WHAT?!!!

- Mira coming in and helping Erza for a split second. I didn’t expect to see her again at this point of the arc.

Things that disappointed me:

- Absolutely no acknowledgement by Gray of Juvia and the others lying unconscious.

Now, all that being said, I did enjoy the chapter, because most of what happened were things I expected to happen, so my expectations weren’t sky-high. However, I figured if and when Gray showed up, he would at the very least take stock of Juvia and the other’s situation. The fact that he didn’t even glance at them annoys me, but at the same time, gives me some sort of hope that it’s only because it will be addressed in a later chapter.

If it’s not addressed at all, and instead Gray goes off elsewhere, and leaves Gajeel to deal with the injured and the poison antidote, then I’m going to rant. But for now, I’ll lower my expectations, and wait. Because it doesn’t make sense for Gray to not show any care at all for his fallen friends. 

The other thing is, I DO have hope that Juvia and Gray will talk about the Silver situation at some point. As others have said, it’s just WAY too big of a thing to never bring up again. It needs to be cleared up. However, and again, I’m lowering my expectations on how big of a deal Mashima will make it, and how much drama or angst will go along with it. Simply because, I feel like Silver’s talk and thanks to Juvia already went a long way in easing her worries that what she did was for the best.

But, I still see no way that she’s not feeling guilty in this situation. I also agree with kanarenee’s post, that if Juvia does ever find out that the chairman wasn’t stopped after all, she will be DEVASTATED. And the sadist in me kind of wants that to happen. I’m all for a change in dynamic, and Juvia trying to withdraw from Gray, with Gray being the one to reassure and console her. But, yeah, I don’t think Mashima will get that angsty with this. If he did, though, I would be happy, because it would shake things up a bit. 

Anyway, all-in-all, nice to see Gray back sooner than I expected, and kicking butt in such an epic way. Not happy about the lack of a true Gruvia reunion, but it is what it is, and I can wait for a proper one, as long as it’s WORTH the wait. Lower your expectations, people. ^__~

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Chapter 398 Analysis 






Okay, time for me to really share how I felt about this chapter: I, yet again, have some pretty unpopular opinions, but nothing bad.



Gray appearing was one of my theories (I was leaning more toward the “everyone-is-magically-better-and-Natsu-fights” but I hadn’t ruled out Gray…

The only thing is that the Silver stuff is way too important to just be dropped and for Gray to never know about. I think Juvia will feel guilty when she sees Gray again and that’s when he will know. Nice post otherwise ;) Juvia isn’t a pawn but it was obvious she wouldn’t be the one to stop FACE. She did trigger Gray,so power up though because she terminated Silver.

I know the whole Silver thing is extremely important, but I can’t help but feel this way. It’s probably pessimistic, but it seems like yet again the seriousness of the situation will overshadow anything that Juvia or Gray are feeling when it comes to Silver. Juvia may chose to keep it to herself when she realizes no one else but Gray knows Silver was his father. Gray my think no one else knows, and thus feel no need to tell anyone. The only thing that might spark a conversation is the “Who killed the necromancer?” thing.

I know most people say it was obvious, but honestly, I did believe Juvia was the one to stop Face. It gave her fight more importance than her just being used to do something Gray couldn’t do himself. It made her fight have more tension, it drew about the fact that Juvia had no other option than to destroy Keith and thus destroy Silver even though she didn’t want to. It was why she sacrificed herself.

I don’t think I will be able to get over that, even as so many other people accepted Juvia was a character of the magnitude necessary to do that job, I felt she was. So I am disappointed, and I probably will continue to be, but it’s an opinion and a wish, not a fact that caused it.

I agree on the vast majority of the post; I’m especially glad you’ve pointed out that Gray has not lost his head like people are thinking.

However, I’m with Rie on a few things:

a) There was way too much build-up with Silver and a Gray/Juvia connection in this arc for it to be swept under the rug. With where the plot is now, a reunion would be pretty disjointed this moment and would get lost somewhat in all the action. Part of me hates the wait, but I think it will be more meaningful in the long run. He hasn’t had time to process anything. Heck, he doesn’t even know who is injured at this point. He will find out. I know the GMG made us pessimistic, with Unison Raids, half addressed sacrifices, and a rejection, but the links and parallels between the two has been much more steadily developed this time instead of random.
b) Juvia stopping Face would’ve been cool, but “Wendy’s plan” and Erza scenes were both setups to make that improbable. It’s still quite meaningful that she, the lovely girl who gets her power-ups from her love of Gray ended up being the catalyst for Gray’s power-up.


I totally agree with everything you’re saying, but my big problem is this and it’s probably stemming from the fact that Juvia is my favorite character and I want to see her displayed as such— Juvia’s motivation, as much as it was helping Gray, was the fact she would she would be helping to end Face. That is how Silver presented it to her. He tried to hide the fact he would die under the underlying truth that Keith was controlling the Chairman, and the only way to stop Face was to defeat Keith so the Chairman would “die” too.

Even if the rest of her fight revolved around severing the bond between Gray and Silver, Juvia knew she had no choice to begin with because the threat of Face was looming over them and was the bigger problem. She honestly had no chance to even think of a different scenerio. She wasn’t able to use Gray as her strength because Gray was not the only person who was threatened at that point and not the only one she was saving. She was heartbroken to know she had to hurt him and had to kill Silver to do it, but she didn’t have a choice.

I feel like whole point of tension is completely dropped with the Chairman being controlled by someone else and the fact that Face is now activated. Yes, the fact Erza was headed to that room (not knowing Juvia should have stopped it) and that Wendy is trying to stop Face too (not knowing Juvia should have stopped it) did show that there was a chance she hadn’t, it doesn’t change the fact that Juvia did not nearly get herself killed with magical barrier particles not just for Gray, but for everyone. And now that sacrifice has been nullified and it’s frustrating to me because if it had been Natsu or Lucy or Gray or Erza or Wendy who did the same exact thing they would have succeeded 99% of the time.

Laxus succeeded in saving the city when he took in the particles. Wendy succeeded in stopping the one Face she dealt with. Gajeel succeeded in saving his friends from Torafusa. They all managed to reach their goals. Juvia didn’t succeed in hers— she defeated a demon to save everyone, but had to hurt herself and Gray. Juvia wouldn’t view that as a success. Her goal wasn’t to get Gray Ice Demon Slayer powers. Her goal was to stop Face to save her friends, because she knew Gray and Silver would continue to love each other even if she had to end his life in order to do this thing that only she could do. So instead, she has defeated a demon, not saved her friends, and by accident played the role of the catalyst to give Gray his power up.

That’s not a victory, and it’s an injustice to everything Juvia has tried to do in this arc. I don’t think Juvia would say “Oh, I didn’t stop Face but Gray-sama is super strong now because of me so it’s okay!”. No. She would feel worse about the fact she killed Keith and thus Silver, taking away something so precious to Gray for what was now no reason. Yes, Silver was already dead, and yes he wanted to die, but that doesn’t change the fact that she wouldn’t even have the ability to say she tried to save him. How can she face Gray knowing that?

All of Juvia’s development deals in some way or another with Gray. I expect that and I love that. And yes, it’s nice to see Gray’s development deal with her. It’s refreshing. Yet, I still feel like this could have been handled better, or at least her own part could have been.

I know I am desperately overanalyzing this, but Juvia really does deserve more. If she wasn’t going to stop Face, why give her such a short fight? If she wasn’t going to stop Face, why put her in that position? Just to be the pawn the helped along Gray’s power up without giving her one of her own? To let her play her part and then toss her to the side? Either way, as a Juvia fan, I am disappointed. What did Juvia gain out of this? Heart ache and guilt. That’s it.  We all know and expect Juvia to distance herself, even though she wants to see Gray. We know nothing will be the same for them. 

I find it even harder to believe Juvia will easily forgive herself now knowing that what she did, and the reason she did, was nullified.

Now granted, I should know better. No matter how much Juvia seems to be a main character, she is still a secondary one. She doesn’t get those kinds of big scenes or big roles but she has been a focal point and I was hoping she would transcend that and she didn’t.

Like I said, I am looking at this too hard and thinking too much. And I am sure next week or even in a few hours I will feel differently, something will happen that will change everything and yet again turn the development in a different direction, but I don’t expect that to happen soon and I don’t expect it to happen in the big, emotional way I anticipated.

Crystal, as a major Juvia fan, too, you know I totally get your disappointment in this situation. 

Personally, for me, I had already anticipated that Juvia’s actions wouldn’t have stopped Face. I thought it was suspicious that the Chairman wasn’t shown dropping to the floor, or something similar after Juvia’s defeat of Keith, so to see him still in motion now with Sayla controlling him instead didn’t really come as a surprise, and didn’t hit me as hard as it hit you. But, like I said, I DO get why this is bothering you.

It is unfair that the main motivation behind her defeat of Keith was nulled in this way. 

 However, I choose to look at it this way. She still defeated one of the 9DG on her own. If she hadn’t done it, someone else would have to do it anyway, regardless of the chairman. And certainly, the chairman DID stop functioning once Keith was defeated. However, Kyouka and Sayla made their way over there, and were able to compensate for Keith’s death. So, Juvia did inconvenience them, even if she didn’t outright stop Face, which again, we knew she wouldn’t anyway.

Plus, Keith was beginning to attack others with his magic when he was fighting Juvia. He had set his minions on a helpless Lucy, and Gajeel and Natsu had already been shown to have no effect on Keith. So, Juvia did accomplish more than just Gray and Silver-related events when she took him down. 

And I also understand your worry that Juvia will feel awful if she finds out that her defeat of Keith did not stop Face after all. But, I question whether Mashima will even address this fact, since Juvia may not even wake up until well after Face has been stopped for good. And even if he does address it, I have to say, I kind of welcome any angst and guilt that comes from her learning such a thing. because ultimately, as we very well know, she did such a service to Gray and Silver.

So, I would love to see an absolutely broken Juvia having to be reassured by Gray that he is nothing but grateful for what she did. And if he did that, then I think there’s no chance Juvia will dwell in sorrow, so no worries there. It’s not in her character to do so. 

Truth be told, the only thing that would disappoint me in this scenario was if this situation was NEVER addressed. But, as others have said, it’s just way too big of a deal for Juvia and Gray to not talk about the fact that Juvia set Silver free. 

I completely agree, however, that a) I wish Juvia’s fight was longer, and b) that she had received some type of power up, because at this point, there’s no doubt she got so short-changed in these two areas. 

And as you know, my only other disappointment is that Gray has yet to address the fact that Juvia is lying poisoned and unconscious, and that makes me worry that she’ll be cured by the “Tempesta blood cure-all” and we’ll never get that moment of a worried Gray. That would be really unfortunate IMO.  I want my worried Gray lol!

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missteenagewallflower replied to your post “I really want to read gruvia reunion scene im so impatience T.T when do u think we will got that?the chapter is probably just focus on fighting rn T.T”

Isnt the next battle gonna be one on one as the chapter name suggests?

The official crunchyroll translation labeled the next chapter “The Final Duels,” so it definitely seems like they are talking about more than one fight and not necessarily one-on-ones, but who knows? ^^

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Oh my!

So, if Juvia = Frosch in this scenario….

The line “Gray-sama was inside Juvia’s body” just took on a whole other meaning lol!

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sharonlee94 ASKED:
I really want to read gruvia reunion scene im so impatience T.T when do u think we will got that?the chapter is probably just focus on fighting rn T.T

You and me both! I agree, though, I think the next chapter will be a fight (or fights), and will likely involve Erza and Kyouka (and maybe Minerva, too). We also may get the twin dragons’ fight against Marde Geer, since it feels like that fight needs to reach some kind of conclusion, as well as a check in with Wendy, and maybe even Makarov. The point is, there’s a lot of balls in the air right now, and we’ve spent months focusing on Gray, Juvia, Gajeel and Natsu’s fights, while other story threads have been put on the back burner. 

IMO, Mashima is going to want to take a step back from our current location, and that group, and focus on Erza and the others for the next several weeks. Especially if this part of the arc does turn out to be Erza-centric.

And that means that the Gruvia reunion might not happen for quite a while (maybe a month or more). So, just don’t expect anything, and be prepared for a wait. And who knows, maybe Mashima will surprise us.

I’ve found, almost without fail, that when I’m not expecting Gruvia, there IS Gruvia, and when I do expect it, there isn’t any. Right now, I’m not expecting anything for several chapters, so should anything Gruvia-wise happen, I’ll be pleasantly surprised, and if it doesn’t, it’s fine, because I didn’t think it would lol!

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sugereguacamole ASKED:
i've read the squabbles on a forum that you're on and i know what you went through. and i know you decided not to post there again. but aren't you one of the pioneers of the said thread? i do understand what you feel and your decision of not posting there again. but please, don't. not for a lifetime. maybe for a month or a few weeks or whenever you like it. but please don't say "never again". i like reading your posts there and i like your levelheadedness and objectivity in posting your thoughts

I really appreciate that you feel that way about my posts, so thank you for that. ^_^ I’ve talked to some very nice people in that forum, including people who don’t like Juvia or Gray x Juvia, who were very kind, unbiased, and understanding, as well as encouraging towards me continuing to post. And I appreciate all those people, too.

But, on the other hand, the bad really does outweigh the good at this point IMO, and my last debate on that forum was the final straw. I have the problem, in that I HATE to debate, but I also can’t keep my mouth shut when I see someone being hateful or unfair when it comes to my favorite character and favorite ship. And it’s usually the haters that are the most vial as far as rudeness towards others goes. They may be a minority, but they are a vocal minority, and that’s the problem.

There are only so many times I can remain respectful, when I’m not receiving the same courtesy from the people I’m debating with. Why should I put myself through that? What do I get out of it, but stress?

I’m not enjoying my time there, so there’s no reason to continue to post. It’s as simple as that.

I also don’t really feel like I’m a pioneer of the Gray x Juvia thread. If anything, my long posts just bring conversations between others to a halt, rather than increasing discussion. It usually was just Darkhope and I throwing essays at each other lol! ^^; 

Plus, as I’ve said, if there was some equality there, it would be different. But, I really do feel like a lone voice in a sea of antis. I have no need to put myself in a position to constantly feel ganged up on, or treated badly for no reason. Not to mention, that the mangafox FT forum in general isn’t anywhere near as active as it used to be. A lot of that is that FT itself lost many readers, but I also don’t think I’m the only one who stopped going on forums, because of all the haters. And I just don’t see the situation changing for the better any time soon.

In any case, I just feel more comfortable on tumblr, and feel like I have more freedom to make the posts I like without bothering anyone, nor being bothered in return. So, it’s not like I wont still make posts. If anything, they’ll just be even longer and more involved than anything I could make on mangafox. And I know it’s not the same thing, but  I’m always happy to have a discussion on here with anyone, as well, so if you or anyone wants to have a chat, don’t hesitate to drop me an ask. ^__^

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Anonymous ASKED:
scorpio and aquarius are also canon! :)

Thanks for reminding me, anon! How could I forget Aquarius and Scorpio? ^^ On that note, Hibiki and Jenny might also be a thing. And of course, there’s the most canon ship of all, Max and Broom hee! ^^

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